How Much Time You Have Wasted on Facebook?

Facebook (né will celebrate its 10th birthday next week. It seems like just yesterday that college students were up in arms over high schoolers being allowed to use the social network. Now everyone—your 13-year-old cousin and her Facebook drama, your uncle that hates Obamacare, your grandma who comments on all your pictures, YOUR MOM—is on Facebook.

To be more precise: There are over 1.1 billion users on Facebook now.

Surviving the Google Panda Update

As an online business owner, the latest updates to Google’s search algorithm might be a bit dizzying. It seems like recently there’s been more than one Google Panda update or data refresh this quarter, and only those dedicated to understanding SEO have been able to keep up. Even if you use a SEO/PPC company to handle all your inbound marketing, you need to understand what is changing. The impact on small businesses is especially significant, so it’s worth knowing what’s going onto recover from the changes.



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